Tomkinson warehouse and storage, marden kent

About GG Tomkinson Ltd:

We are the 3rd party Warehousing and Logistics Company serving
Kent and the South East of England.

Tomkinson Transport,warehousing and storageTomkinson is one of the largest, longest established independent warehousing, transport and distribution companies in South East England.  We have been managing space and delivering value for over 50 years.  Our comprehensive range of services are controlled by the latest computerised management and communications systems and are delivered by our experienced team of dedicated professionals.

They include:

  • Extensive and secure warehousing/storage facilities capable of receiving and despatching all types of consignments.
  • A well maintained transport fleet and extensive distribution network that enables us to deliver and collect full or part loads throughout the UK and Europe.
  • A range of commercial properties that are suitable for a variety of uses and available on licence or long and short terms leases.  

We operate from an extensive warehouse and distribution complex at Marden near Maidstone in Kent which is within one hour of London, the M25 motorway, Channel Tunnel, and channel port of Dover. 

Warehouse facility New Marden Warehouse facility
GG Tomkinson is part of the United Kingdom Warehousing Association
GG Tomkinson is part of the Road Haulage Association
GG Tomkinson is part of the Marden Business Forum
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