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2018 Phase II - Construction of bespoke development begins.

Phase II will expand the site further down pattenden lane linking the companies marden depots.

Phase III Design

Autumn 2009: Redevelopments are complete on phase 1 of Willows Business Park, Pattenden Lane, Marden in Kent, built by G.G. Tomkinson Ltd.

Phase one of the company’s project began in 2008 to expand its operations and increase capacity by building new warehouses and offices to house its head office and also for existing tenants and potential new clients.

Managing Director Mark Tomkinson said that the total site was 84,530 sq ft. Of this, 23,000 sq ft has already been built; 24,250 sq ft is the first phase; and 37,280 sq ft is the second phase.

We have just finished the third part of a video, recording the building programme,” said Mr Tomkinson. “This can be seen on our website along with parts one and two.”

The first phase consists of an office building with 3,000 sq ft on the bottom floor, 3,000 sq ft on the next floor and the possibility of another 3,000 sq ft on top. Behind this is another 18,000 sq ft building. The first phase has cost about £3.5 million.

Phase two will expand the site further down Pattenden Lane, linking the company’s Marden depots.

new warehouse in Marden kent

We want people from anywhere to take this space,” said Mr Tomkinson.

If, for example, a big European manufacturer rang tomorrow and said they wanted to distribute washing machines from Marden to the South East, then we would say yes.”

Rental levels are open to discussion, so please contact us.
Willows Business Park Pattenden Lane, Marden Nr Maidstone Kent.TN12 9QJ
Download PDF format plans: Overview | Detail.

space available to let in Marden  Kent

GG Tomkinson is part of the United Kingdom Warehousing Association
GG Tomkinson is part of the Road Haulage Association
GG Tomkinson is part of the Marden Business Forum
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