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Welcoming Clients
We have had multiple clients move into The Cedars now.

June 2021

Then & Now
Lovely growth in our planter.

March 2021

The New Site Map!
New site map installed on site to help visitors get around the site easier

November 2020

The Cedars Fully Let!
The Cedars is fully let already! Fantastic news and well done everybody involved

October 2020

A - EPC Rating!
Not quite Net Zero, but close enough. Something to aim for next time!

October 2020

The wall is finished!
The great wall of cedars is completed!

October 2020

Before And Afters!
Offices Before & After

Late September 2020

Finished Offices!
Offices are finished! Time for the tenant to move in!

September 2020

Another update on the offices
Nearly there... just 2 weeks to go! I have a feeling they'll look quite nice.

September 2020

Another update on the wall!
Wall looking solid... hope they like pink!

Late August 2020

Update on the offices!
Liking the industrial look and bespoke colours!

August 2020

Update on wall!
Progress is coming along nicely on the Great Wall of Cedars.

August 2020

Cedars Offices (Right Hand Side)
Work had begun to turn the shell and core office space into a lovely tenant bespoke modern office look with tonnes of natural light.

Early August 2020

The Great Wall Of Cedars
Work has begun on this massive wall. See you quite a while later!

July 2020

Line Painting
The line painting has been completed around the Tomkinsons' site.

Late June 2020

To brighten up the site (even more), we have added a variety of planters and bench planters around the site. With the focus on providing extra pollen for those essential bees, it's also aesthetically pleasing to us humans.

Early June 2020

Tomkinsons make yet another step for a greener environment by purchasing a Tesla to replace a diesel car.

May 2020

LED Lighting
Lighting at Willows Business Park is now 100% LED after a big upgrade within the offices and warehouse space.

April 2020

Car Chargers
All 8 car chargers have been commissioned and are ready for use!

March 2020

The Cedars
The Cedars is now open and available for lease!

January 2020

The Cedars
The Cedars is nearing completion as the warehouse is soon to be completed, with just the offices to be fit out and the remaining external concrete to be poured.


The Cedars
Phase II & III of the Tomkinsons' redevelopment is underway, with estimated completion March 2020!


Demolition Begins!
Demolition of Tea Warehouse begins for the new redevelopment project!


The Willows
Completion of The Willows redevelopment and opening of The Willows Business Park.